Public Palace

The Public Palace: it stands on the place of the Domus Magna Comunis, built between 1380 and 1392. In 1884 the old palace was rebuilt in neo-Gothic style according to the project of the architect Francesco Azzurri. All the stone for the reconstruction was extracted from the quarries of the Titano Mount.

The façade is supported from three pointed arcades with solid octagonal pillars. In the centre, a polygonal balcony, with two big decorated windows. Between the two windows stands out the coat of arms of the Republic, under which is located a commemorative inscription. Among arches, carved in octagons, are placed the coats of arms of four castles: Serravalle, Fiorentino, Montegiardino and Faetano. Above, on the left side, there is a triptych with smaller coats of arms of some city districts acquired or spontaneously given to the Republic: Casole, Pannarossa and Cà Busignano. In the right corner there is a corbel with the bronze statue of the Saint, modeled by the Roman Giulio Tadolini. Other numerous emblems adorn the façade, which has crenellations. Equally embattled is the turret with the clock. In three rectangular curved niches there are images of the Saint on the left, of Saint Quirino in the centre and of Saint Agata, the patrons of the Republic.

The Public Palace or Government’s Palace represents the heart of San Marino political life.
The Public Palace is represented on the two Euro coins of San Marino. 




Piazza della Libertà


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