Museum of Torture

The most disquieting exposition in the world!

A unique and world-wide famous exhibition. A visual synthesis of the terrifying  history of torture and of its shocking "devices". It is the triumph of the obscure side of history. More than 100 original instruments produced for causing pain and death. An authentic anthology of horror and of human cruently.

The collection includes pieces of exceptional rarity, from the XVI and XVII century, or philological reconstruction, from the XIX and XX century, the original ancient and unavailable. Some well-known tools such as the Virgin of Nuremberg, the Probing Chair and the Chastity Belt. But the singularity of this exhibition is to present for the first time to the public instruments certainly less famous but incredibly sophisticated. These instruments which, from Forcella of the Heretic to Skinning's Cat to Spanish Spiders, show how the human imagination has no known limits in the search for systems that will inflict the most atrocious and cruel torture.

OPEN: 10 - 19. 



Contrada San Francesco, 2 47890 S.Marino


0549 991215